SOA12c- Coherence Adapter by Vivek Garg

We have different operation in coherence adapter, Put operation is used to put the data to coherence cache and get operation used to get data from coherence cache.In this post, we see how to use this coherence adapter in real world.

We have created one database table (StudentInfo), we read the data (student information) from that table based on the Id (Student Id) which is primary key in the table. We use coherence adapter to get and put the data to cache. First we check whether the data is there in coherence cache, if data is there then we directly get the data from cache instead of database and if data is not there then we query the data from database and then put the data to coherence cache so that next time when same request come, we get the data from cache instead of making a database call. This has positive impact on performance.

Let’s start with the use case.

Create one SOA project and add one BPEL to it.

First configure the db adapter which read the data from database. Provide DB JNDI name. Click here to see how to create Java derby database data source. Choose DB connection and choose “Select” operation.

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Coherence Adapter

Coherence Adapter